About Us

Birthed out of utmost respect and passion for Mothers to fulfill their own dreams as individuals without affecting their motherhood duties, mums’turn is fully committed to helping mothers get their careers back on track. Starting a family and raising kids are precious periods in the lives of women. Raising kids is a full-time job, which lead most women to take a step back in their careers. As mothers, it is our responsibility and we are bestowed with the power to weave our career and life goals into the unending task of facilitating our family’s goals. At mums’turn, we are passionate about helping mothers discover their power and channeling the powers in the right ways. We help mums’ with the career issues that they struggle with as well as the things they need to think about or do to live a balanced and fulfilling career life.

Shirley’s Background

Shirley is an experienced Transformational coach with over 10 years across Human Resources experience who is passionate about helping mothers understand their sectors, identify their options, and position themselves as a strong candidate for jobs.  She is an neurolinguistics NLP practitioner with a deep understanding of the dynamics of different job functions, development agencies, recruitment criteria, and career paths.

Be The Best Mum You Can Be

Motherhood makes the best parts of you shine. Without a doubt, your career success is an assurance that your children can accomplish anything in life. Be the mum who potential mothers look up to.