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A mother’s career development is an adaptable and ever-changing path throughout her lifecycle, taking on different shapes and forms, depending on which stage of parenting she is in. mums’turn offers various programs and coaching sessions which are designed to suit mothers’ busy lifestyles, getting them that balance for their careers. Our goal is to enable you to handle the chaos of motherhood with grace and ease. We are passionate about helping mothers to be able to shrug off negative comments while focusing on doing what’s best for their family.

At mums’turn, we leverage our deep expertise in driving a balance between career and motherhood, identifying solutions that better fit the way you work and live and thus enabling you to unleash your full potential. We are fully committed to helping mothers re-evaluate their values, identify and use their unique character strengths while offering them practical strategies to thrive both at home and at work.

Our services include:

Our services include:
  • 6 weeks’ program: This includes 3 modules from the courses we cover 1 per fortnight
  • 3 coaching sessions
  • 9 weeks Program
  • Make it up: This fills the gap of the modules not covered on the first 6 weeks
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6 Weeks’ Program

Designed to help mothers reach their goal in life, the 6 weeks’ program includes 3 modules from the courses we cover, 1 per fortnight. This program is targeted at enabling mothers to handle the chaos of motherhood with grace and ease without giving up on their career goals.

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3 Coaching Sessions

With a focus on enabling mothers to fully maximize their potentials, mums’turn offers a 3 coaching sessions program that enlighten mothers on the importance of setting achievable goals. This program is targeted at helping mothers find a balance between being who they really want to be and being the best mothers they can be.

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9 weeks Program

Structured in a way that facilitates the achievement of career goals, the 9 weeks program includes a mixture of coaching sessions tailored to suit your development. With the aim of helping mothers to unleash their full potential, the program assist mothers in identifying solutions that better fit the way they work and live.

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Make it up

Have you signed up for 3 coaching sessions or 6 weeks program and wish to accomplish more? If yes, this program is just for you. The Make it up program covers additional sessions which are targeted in helping mothers focus more on doing what's best for them and their family.

The courses we cover are:

  • Kick start your plan-home and career life
  • Refresh/ Rewrite your resume
  • Work on your personal branding
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Effective interview skills- selling your skills and positioning your worth
  • Styling – dressing to suit the occasion
  • Building your networks & Importance of networking
  • Communicate – verbal and non-verbal
  • Balancing home and life
  • Building your confidence to negotiate and influence

What We Do

The day you became a mother, everything changes. You embrace a dual purpose, caring for your children, and living your own life as well.  mums’turn is committed to helping mothers identify what they really love, what makes them happy, and how they can fit that in with their busy life as a mum. Remember that by doing what you’re doing, you are not only providing financially for your family but also setting a great example for your children. At mums’turn, we enable mothers to utilize their professional gifts and passions.

Career Coaching

Balance is key when it comes to being a working mum. Finding balance is crucial as you return to work after maternity leave. mums’turn offers career coaching services which are targeted at enabling mothers to effectively and efficiently navigate the demands of at work while acclimating to their “new normal” as a working mum. At mums’turn, we help mothers uncover their true potential, achieve their vision and fulfill their purpose in life through better, brighter careers.

Our coaching sessions can be done by video call when our little ones go to bed. Gracefully return to work after maternity leave while easing common challenges of a new working mum.