Find the right balance when working remotely

Working from home has become a norm for most of us. We may get used to working in a corporate office or different workplace and having to work at home is something we all had to adjust overnight since last year. Striking the balance is key, here are some tips on how we can maintain a balance when working from home.

Set a daily routine

Set an alarm an hour or 2 before your working schedule, in that way you still have more time to prepare, like drinking coffee first thing when you wake up, eat your breakfast, do light exercise and go through your emails before you start your daily tasks at work for the day. Write all the tasks that you will do for the day so you will stay focused on completing them by the end of the day.

Get dress for the day
Yes, get out of your pajamas and get the dress for the day. This helps with you getting you in the right mind frame to start your day.

Stick to mealtime and eat a balanced diet
You may have all the time to do things when working at home and one is eating. Start your day eating your breakfast and don’t skip lunch and dinner. Always maintain a balanced diet and eat healthily.

Create a vibrant workspace
It feels good to have a working space full of positive energy. In that way, you will always feel motivated to work and stay focused on your work. Make sure that you are comfortable with your own space. Create a workspace for your working hours and be able to set boundaries with resting, sleeping, and eating space.

Do some light exercise
During your break, you may do some light exercise. A brief stretching won’t hurt. Since you are working at home, you may always want to sit down or lie on your back, get up and walk around the house or go out to breathe some air. It is good to take a break from time to time to avoid burnout.

Optimize your time
You have all the time when you work remotely. Practice doing non-related work activities after your work like catching up with your friends virtually. When the day ends, it will feel rewarding having to spend your day worthwhile.

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