How to cope with working mum’s guilt

Returning to working can get the best of us and juggle with parenthood. The guilt from not being able to spend more time with your kids, easily get annoyed with them due to lack of sleep, stress at work, overwhelmed with household chores, anxiety attacks, or simply just having a bad day and just the lack of energy at the end of the day

Let go of the guilt
You don’t need to be perfect. There is no such thing as being a perfect mum to your kids or a perfect wife to your partner. What you are doing is enough, you are enough.

Breath in and out to keep calm
When stress and pressure from work beat you up and you carry the burden all into yourself, spend a few minutes away from your kids. Take a deep breath and reset. When that makes you feel relieved and better, you will have a good time with your kids because your mind is at peace.

It’s ok to ask for help
Consider asking for a little help from your partner or other family members. It won’t hurt having them watch your kids for a few hours while you’re working or doing household chores. Don’t overdo things all at once. A little help is all you need to lessen the burden.

You Time
We all have good days and hectic days and as a mum. Take a break from doing the things you’re stressing about. Choose a specific day to pamper yourself and enjoy the day feeling good or even an hour to yourself. When you feel good enough about yourself, you’ll draw out positivity within you. After all, your children appreciate just being you.

Share the load with your kids
Folding clothes, basic chores is something they can learn from a young age and later help you around the house. It gives them responsibility and makes them feel like they contribute and also contributes to lessening the load for you.