Remote interviewing

This has become a new norm as remote working happened overnight. Here are some tips to help you perform just as good as face to face interviews:

A day before the interview Make sure you have downloaded or installed the platform – zoom, skype, teams. There are so many platforms these days you need to ensure you have this first part ready before the interview time. Make sure you have the phone number or email of the person doing the recruiter/ interview incase you have technical issues on the day.

Setting Make sure you are in a room on your own or move the kids in another area of your place (putting a movie on for them works).

10 mins before the interview Ensure speaker, volume, camera are all working. Dial in a few mins before it starts to get you can get settled, and just listen to that music or that silence while you wait for the host. Close all other applications so you are not distracted with any pop-ups or new mail.

Laptop or mobile phone camera Check this isn’t too close or too far. A good distance is a head shot (head including shoulders).

Dress code Even though it is not in person, the interviewer/s can still see you so please ensure you address appropriately. If you feel good about how you look you will feel better during the interview.

Audio only Always good to use headphones. This eliminates that echo sound and clearer for the other person on the other line to hear you clearly.

Pen, paper, resume Have this handy so you can refer to them during the interview and write down anything or questions, just like any other face to face interview!

I’d like to hear some of your own tips and success stories in nailing video interviews!