Tips on upskilling during isolation

Have you been thinking to learn something new or upskill during this isolation?

Here are some tips to upskill yourself:

Virtual mentor Moving your mentoring program online has never been better. Zoom, facetime and many virtual platforms are a great way to utilise. Continuing your coaching sessions or if you are thinking of partnering with a career mentor, now is a great time to sign up. This allows flexibility for both the mentor and mentee a great way to keep you career and personal developments on track.

Your company’s learning and development courses A lot of employers are offering internal courses via webinars. Take advantage of these. If they are offered from your internal team, they are more likely to be in your time zone so make sure you pencil these in your calendar.

External online events Many companies have quickly evolved overnight and offered their courses, training, conferences via webinar. It’s a great way to see what other companies are doing and keeping in touch with people in your industry. This is quickly becoming the new norm.

Online courses Similar to events and conferences, many courses are increasing online. Examples include:;

Community library books There are free community libraries where people can share used books. This may not be directly in your line of work but could open up new ideas or spark new interest. Check them out next time you go for your next walk/ exercise in your local area.

ebooks Take advantage of free resources such as;; bookrecommendations

Podcasts There are many free podcasts available. This works well if want to multitask and have it playing in the background.

Brain training apps Many are available on the market if reading or online courses are not for you. Examples: Peak; Elevate; Lumosity; Fit brain trainer; NeuroNation-Brain Training; CogniFit Brain Fitness; Mind Games; BrainHQ

 Any more tips and tricks that’s worked for you? Drop me a line!